Nishihira Distillery

Naze City, Amami Island, Kagoshima Prefecture

Situated in a southern residential neighborhood in Naze City, Nishihira has been a neighborhood business for over 90 years. All fermentation is done in traditional ceramic pots buried in the floor of the distillery hall. A single stainless steel pot still is used to distill all spirits just once and aging is done on site in both enamel lined tanks and oak casks. Due to the musical roots of the Nishihira family, a performance space has been built in the aging warehouse with a shochu bar on the 2nd floor to host after parties.

Available from this distillery

Toji Profile: Serena Nishihira

Ms. Nishihira is both the youngest master brewer-distiller in Kyushu and a professional musician who returned to make shochu on the condition of being allowed to continue her musical career. The family agreed and opened a music venue in the building adjacent to the distillery. She still performs during the off-season.