Site Credits

Honkaku Spirits extends its gratitude to Canesta, the driving force behind the bespoke design, construction, and optimization of this e-commerce platform. With roots firmly planted in Los Angeles, California, Canesta has established its mark as a leading digital e-commerce agency with a strong commitment to blending innovation with functionality.

The diversity within the Canesta ensemble is noteworthy. Spanning from astute UX/UI designers, proficient developers, to dynamic digital marketers and SEO/SEM connoisseurs, they bring an eclectic mix of expertise. In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, Canesta prioritizes the creation of mobile-responsive, SEO-adherent sites that mirror the unique objectives and operational flow of its clientele.

The unyielding dedication of the Canesta team to achieve beyond the expected and to serve as a reliable reservoir of innovative suggestions has undoubtedly made them more than just an agency; they are our strategic e-commerce allies.