Shoro Distillery

Kushima City, Miyazaki Prefecture

Shoro Distillery is situated about as far south in Miyazaki Prefecture as you can go before ending up in the Pacific Ocean or going west over the mountains into Kagoshima. This remote location means that the team at Shoro Distillery have to be fiercely independent. So much so that they perform their own still maintenance and repairs, which is extremely rare for a distillery this size (read: small). Unlike many shochu distilleries, sell their spirits very young, Shoro puts a great deal of thought into releasing products when they are at the peak of flavor. This results in a balanced, delicious drink every time.

Available from this distillery

Toji Profile: Mr. Hiroaki Yano

While he is still relatively young, Mr. Yano has revitalized the company with innovative products and packaging, defying expectations of traditional shochu while creating lovely drinks. His Colorful brand was one of the first overtly blended products on the market, ushering in a wave of innovation across the industry in Southern Kyushu.